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Legal Assistance of Windsor (LAW)

LAW is a community legal clinic in Southwest Ontario serving vulnerable and marginalized individuals and families in Windsor/Essex. As such, our partnership with the Community Refugee Fund has been invaluable to the people we assist as well as to the staff and students of LAW. Through financial assistance and support, this partnership has assisted frightened, traumatized families to remain in Canada while pursuing legal appeals and attempting to heal from their experiences. Individuals and families requiring protection are provided with financial support. Without this crucial help, families would be helpless to move forward with their lives, hopeless to prevent further violence and discrimination and stopped from reaching their potential as human beings and contributing members of our community. We thank the Community Refugee Fund for their help, partnership and friendship in assisting many of the most vulnerable individuals in our community.

Diocese of London, Office of the Bishop

Submitted by the Most Rev. Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B., Bishop of London

I am honoured to commend to you the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, and the very important ministry they carry out on behalf of refugees and their families.

The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary have for decades diligently worked with the Refugee Office of the Diocese of London in helping refugees to settle in Canada.  In particular, they have made possible the reunification of refugees with family members who they had to leave behind.  Since refugees generally lack the resources necessary to cover the costs of transporting their families to Canada, the Sisters, through their Refugee Fund, cover these costs, which can be substantial. They also run a refugee shelter in Windsor, Angela Rose House, for newly arrived refugees.

The Refugee Ministries could not provide excellent assistance to refugees in need without the assistance of the Community Refugee Fund. By way of this letter, I ask that you be as generous as possible in your donation to the Sisters’ Refugee Fund, and to the continued support and care they offer to refugees and their families.
Bishop Fabbro’s Letter of Support

YMCA of Western Ontario, Windsor-Essex County Branch

Submitted by Hugo Vega, General Manager of Settlement, Integration and Newcomer Services

As a settlement agency in Windsor, we support newcomers with a wide spectrum of needs towards their own measures of independence and self-reliance. This process varies in time and types of interventions, and is always undertaken in partnership with a large number of our partners and strategies to be effective and for newcomers to get what they need from the most appropriate sources. This is critical to their success as most families, by virtue of the migration experience, have to overcome a multitude of challenges in their first five years in Canada. We would like to share one individual example of how the Community Refugee Fund has supported us as an agency in providing further support to clients in ways we simply could not. Refugees often do not have certain documentation because of their circumstances, which impacts their ability to meet basic and greater needs. Read More…

The Community Refugee Fund is currently held 'In Trust' by the Sisters of the Holy Names in Windsor, Ontario.