Awards & Recognition


Sr. Helen Petrimoulx, SNJM

Sr. Helen Petrimoulx is the Director of the SNJM Community Refugee Fund for Refugee Claimants. She received the following awards and recognitions when she worked for the Diocesan Refugee Assistance Services Office as the ‘Refugee Specialist’ for refugee claimants in Windsor, Ontario from 1997 to 2012.

The Windsor YMCA New Canadian Center Peace Award

In recognition of contributing to understanding among the many cultural groups in Windsor/Essex County and peace building in the community.

Awarded by Dr. Paul Ross, President of the University of Windsor: The ‘Centre for Studies in Social Justice Project of the Year’ to Diocese of London Refugee Specialists in the Refugee Assistance Services Offices (at that time called ‘The Windsor Refugee Office’ in Windsor, ON)

For: advocacy and service for refugee claimants and the service of Private sponsorship of refugees overseas through the Diocese of London and public awareness building of refugee justice issues.

Doctorate of Laws Degree Honoris Causa – Honorary Degree

Conferred on Sr. Helen Petrimoulx by the University of Windsor through Assumption University to recognize the leadership of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in education and Social Justice in Southwestern Ontario.

Award from the Windsor/Essex County Committee for World Refugee Day

For years of dedication and service to refugees and to the community of Essex County.

‘Women of Achievement Award’ from Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women at their Annual Dinner

For collaboration with many other organizations in Windsor/Essex County and commitment to public awareness of refugee issues and work with refugee claimants.

Inducted at Queen’s Park into the ‘Order of Ontario’

In recognition of outstanding contribution and achievement benefitting society for her work on behalf of refugee claimants, for founding a Coalition within Essex County for public education about Human trafficking and for direct service to victims of Human Trafficking, for national membership in the Canadian Council for Refugees Committee Countering Human Trafficking in Canada, and for founding the Transitional Shelter ‘Angela Rose House’ in Windsor for newly arriving refugee claimants.

The Community Refugee Fund is currently held 'In Trust' by the Sisters of the Holy Names in Windsor, Ontario.