Community Impact

The Community Refugee Fund works both independently and together with other organizations in the community to provide hands-on care and assistance to refugees and their families, as well as those who have become victims to human trafficking.

What are the sources of the funds in the Community Refugee Fund?

The Community Refugee Fund is procured entirely from the fundraising efforts of the Sisters of the Holy Names in Windsor/Essex County and that of our dedicated volunteers from the community-at-large who share our concerns for the well-being of those we able to serve, thanks to the generous donations of many.

The Mission of our SNJM Congregation, founded in 1843, is educating and responding to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. We do not have substantial financial assets to build the Community Refugee Fund without external support, and this is why we are asking donors to partner with us to give a ‘hand up’ to refugees who are economically disadvantaged.

Who refers refugees to the fund?

  • Referrals of refugees to the Community Refugee Fund are first assessed for financial need by the staff of the Diocese of London Refugee Services Ministry in Windsor, Ontario for refugee claimants at 25 Hanna Street West in Windsor, Ontario. The Diocese of London generously finances this ministry, which provides help with all Immigration processes and settlement into the Community at no cost to refugee claimants. That is the sole mandate of the Community Refugee Fund in Essex and Middlesex counties that those in the refugee claimant stream rely upon.
  • Many other referrals to the Community Refugee Fund to support the financial needs of refugees come from staff of Federal Governmental Organizations in Windsor for Immigrants and/or Refugees as well as Non Governmental Organizations for Immigrants and/or Refugees, all of which are not equipped to fund critical needs such as family reunification and other direct needs of those in the refugee claimant stream.
  • Often, refugees who have received financial assistance from the Community Refugee Fund refer other refugees in need of a financial assessment.

The Community Refugee Fund is currently held 'In Trust' by the Sisters of the Holy Names in Windsor, Ontario.