SNJM Involvement

Sisters of the Holy Names Long-Term Commitment Serving Refugee Claimants in Essex County and Beyond

Since the 1970s, the Sisters of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) in Windsor-Essex have sponsored refugees approved by Canada overseas and in need of resettlement in Canada, all through the Diocese of London Private Sponsorship program with Immigration Canada. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Sisters of the Holy Names in River Canard – and more recently in Windsor – welcomed refugees into their homes until they could secure their own housing. They have also enlisted the help of volunteers to find jobs for refugees.

Currently all of the SNJMs and SNJM Associate members and volunteers continue to help refugees by gathering clothing, furniture, household items, etc. from residents of Windsor-Essex. Seeing the great need for a refugee shelter in Windsor, in November 2007 the Ursuline Sisters of the Chatham Union donated a three-storey house to the Sisters of the Holy Names for newly arriving refugees claimants.

The Sisters of the Holy Names, along with our committed Associate Women Members in Essex County, today continue to assist in the fundraising for the Community Refugee Fund. Our SNJM committee of volunteers has held an annual Fundraising Dinners for the Fund since 2006.

The Community Refugee Fund is currently held 'In Trust' by the Sisters of the Holy Names in Windsor, Ontario.